Worlk at the Corporate Culture Club in Vienna

Worlk took part in the Corporate Culture Club event this year on the 28, Feb 2023 and I am  excited to share with you the highlights and key takeaways from it. But before I dive deep into the details of the event, a small intro about CCC. CCC is an information platform for everyone who cares about corporate culture and brands, and it has been the information platform for corporate culture since 2006. It is led by an innovative team from Identifire company, a leading company in strategic employer branding. The event brought together about 100 professionals from across the Austrian and European market,  who are passionate about business, culture, and work to explore the latest trends, insights, and best practices.

The venue was at Ronarch Musical theater located in the center of Vienna. A remarkable place with lots of history and beauty. We started with a tour to the stage and backstage to then delve into the world of acting and performance details. The tour definitely triggered a lot of memories when I used to perform back in the days during the performing art class at the University. In reality, hats down to the technical guy who needs to control all mechanical changes occurring to the stage, and all of that from his cute cozy corner behind the stage!

The event featured 2 keynote presentations, one led by Eva Planötscher-Stroh about Ronacher’s evolution as a job provider and how their HR structure evolved to what it is today. 

Amazing how much effort is put into maintaining such a business. The second keynote was about Worlk and how we want to change the way employers and employees think about remote work and workations in general. 

To make the 30 min presentation interesting I wanted to add a touch of interaction to it. To put the audience in a state of mind that is future proof, I let them become a persona of Clara, a young professional who is interested in experiencing Worlk abroad. The audience were given the task to act as the brain of Clara and collectively they needed to take her decisions in moving forward with her Worlk experience. Their decisions lead to a series of changes in Clara’s character and personal development. Why? Because in every decision we take in life, there are hidden spontaneous treasures to be unlocked. And as this is true for everything, it is also true for the hidden gems we find in remote working, especially abroad and in new places and with new cultures. I believe that when remote working is done right, it builds the human in us. We become risk takers, curious, cultural integrators, critical thinkers yet full of sense of respect to others, and above all we become more human. And I believe that it is ​​our duty to support our employees in taking the right decisions that help them grow and develop their leadership skills. This is how we keep our employees interested, involved, informed and inspired. (Key KPI’s)

At Worlk, we do believe that the world of business has changed and brought a positive impact with this change on the employers as much as on the  employees. This change is because remote working is no longer a trend or a privilege, it’s becoming a necessity. Employers are noticing that the productivity score went up due to remote working, and employees believe that having a flexible work option is the best compensation in contrast to a raise. 

The biggest challenge remains, companies are losing top talent to other companies that offer flexible and diverse remote working options. And this is where worlk comes in. We found an opportunity in the unused office space to transform it into a valuable asset. How?

Worlk became the first b2b platform for desk surfing, where employees can travel the world and use the unused office space from other companies. In this way remote workers will never be alone and they will have access to a local business community as well as they will enjoy longer workations since they are hosted for free. And companies will activate and monetise their unused office space, they will increase their retention and boose their employer branding, and will open business synergies with the other hosting companies.

These values were key values presented after the interactive part. As a result the attendees expressed lots of love and support to our product idea and vision and we are looking forward to further growing and developing this concept. 


I believe that employees can also be digital nomads, I also believe that re-using office space to share is a sustainable way to unlocking amazing human experiences, and above all, I believe that the world of business needs to pave the way for a corporate culture which is more sharing, accepting and above all openly positive. And for that, worlk wants to be in the driver’s seat.

As I look ahead to the future of work and business, it is clear to me that remote working will continue to be a thriving engine in corporate life. And I encourage all companies to benefit from this opportunity and hop early on it.

So what are you waiting for! Please sign up your company at www.worlk.com or write us at [email protected] to participate in our exchange program, where we connect two companies from two different cities to try desk surfing.

I thank you all for the support, we need all the love any new startup requires.