worlk: Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions posed by our worlk community:


QUESTION: Who Subscribes first company or employee?

ANSWER: At worlk, it is the company, usually an HR leader, who first has to create a company account. Once the account has been set up its employees can create employee profiles.


QUESTION: Is Worlk free?

ANSWER: During the beta phase all worlk features are for free. This will at least last until the end of 2023. Even after the end of the beta phase worlk’s basic functions will be available for free while more advanced features will be made available against a subscription fee.


QUESTION: Is swapping a must at worlk?

ANSWER: No. If you are part of the worlk community you have access to the whole worlk community. This means that your employees can worlk from any company that subscribed to worlk assuming that the worlk request has also been approved by the hosting company. We only expect that every company that is worlk is also willing to host employees of other companies as well.


QUESTION: How do you ensure that no poaching occurs?

ANSWER: With accepting our T&Cs when subscribing to worlk companies agree that any poaching of employees breaches this contract. The behavior of participating companies is constantly checked on by worlk.


QUESTION: What makes Worlk the best option for remote working?

ANSWER: What separates worlk from other remote working options is the community that is at the very center of worlk. Rather than working in isolation or working in a coworking space where you don’t know anyone, worlk is all about the community. You will get to know your hosting company as well as its employees. In addition, because worlk only accepts companies that meet certain standards, worlkers will be provided with a highly professional and well-equipped workspace.


QUESTION: Are employees insured while worlking?

ANSWER: We offer companies reliable remote insurance through our partner Genki. Of course, we encourage companies to check regulations themselves as well before approving an employee worlk request.


QUESTION: What is desk surfing or desk exchange?

ANSWER: At worlk, we define desk surfing or desk exchange as companies within the worlk community making excess office space available to each other’s employees.


QUESTION: How can worlk reduce the cost for employees to travel and work?

ANSWER: While in many cases employees have to find expensive coworking spaces to have access to a professional office space, with worlk, employees can work from different locations for free.


QUESTION: What are the benefits of worlk for companies?

ANSWER: Using worlk helps employers retain their existing talent and attract new talent. Research shows that the flexibility to decide where to work from is crucial in particular for high-level talent. Therefore providing innovative remote working concepts meets exactly this need. Furthermore, worlk allows companies to turn excess office space into opportunities to connect with other organizations. And last but not least, the successful employers of the future need to find a way to establish a positive corporate culture that goes beyond physical office walls.


QUESTION: What are the benefits of worlk for employees?

ANSWER: With worlk employees can drastically reduce the costs of remote working. Furthermore, they can access one easy-to-use platform to find exciting destinations all around the world. Everything at the press of a button. And finally, with worlk, you have access to a community of like-minded worlkers. No more working in isolation unless you wish to.


QUESTION: How long can a worlk trip last?

ANSWER: This is up to the companies and employees. Most worlk requests last between one week and a month but there is no minimum and maximum defined.


QUESTION: Where is worlk available?

ANSWER: In general worlk is open to companies from all parts of the world to participate. This will create a rich and diverse business community. Even though at the time being worlk is only available in English language, this might change in the future.


QUESTION: How can I make sure that the office space meets my expectations?

ANSWER: When making a worlk request users can mention any particular equipment that would be helpful in their daily work. Furthermore, employees can define whether they are looking for a desk in a quiet or more busy area. Also, the chat function of the worlk platform allows companies and their employees to discuss any particular requests and needs in advance.


QUESTION: Do I have control over who I am actually hosting as a company?

ANSWER: Absolutely! You can approve or reject any worlk request to your company. You are at no point forced to host someone you have concerns about.


QUESTION: Is there a maximum number of trips an employee can make over a certain period of time?

ANSWER: No, you can use worlk as much as you want.