Divercity – an exchange program for companies.

Divercity is an exchange program created by Worlk team to connect companies from two different cities. The aim is to celebrate diversity and open corporate culture. This way we support companies and their employees to adopt open mindedness and to activate the unused office space through our desk surfing platform, which will be the incubator for that.



How it works:

The Worlk team will scout and hand pick companies that are interested in the exchange program. The companies will then be informed at the end of the scouting process about the potential company that fits their profile. The matching companies will be introduced to each other, define a suitable date, and decide the number of employees participating in the exchange program. The 2 companies will host the employees from the other company during a period of 2 to 3 weeks and will give them a free desk to use. The employees will have the chance to explore the new city after their working hours and learn more about how other companies do their work.


Time of the exchange program:

  • When: Spring and Summer 2023 
  • Exchange period: 2 to 3 weeks

The specific dates will be defined based on the matching companies’ preferences.


Which companies are eligible:

Any company that allows remote working for their employees and are looking for a new form of an incentive program that helps them retain and keep their employees happy.

It is also mandatory to have some unused office space to be able to host the exchanging employees.


Terms and conditions:

The exchange program is for free and the aim of it is to learn about the values of such an experience. Worlk only asks the participants for a short interview and feedback that we can share online. The exchange will occur under the terms and conditions of our platform where the companies are required to sign up beforehand.


What’s in it for the company and the employee:

There are many core values from our exchange program and here are some highlights:

For an employee: It develops their communication skills by working in a new business environment and culture. It will also grow their skill set by learning how others do their work and by sharing knowledge, which in return paves a new path of sharing culture and fosters business synergies. And last but not least, it improves the human in them by traveling and exploring which triggers their inspiration, motivation and culture.

For a company: It helps activate the unused office space through our desk surfing concept that pays back as an incentive for employees to travel and work from anywhere for free. This creates a reliable and ecological infrastructure for business travels. The exchange will also generate a rich and inspiring employer branding content that is a key wealth for any company seeking new hires or employee retention. 


How to subscribe:

Reach out to our team at [email protected] and we are happy to meet you and answer all your questions.


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