Top 8 Places to Live for Digital Nomads

Being a Digital Nomad comes with many perks, such as flexibility, lower cost of living, networking with new individuals, and last but not least, traveling. You have the opportunity to be as flexible as possible when it comes to work since it’s all remote, which provides time for travels and exploration. You get to choose where you work, so why stay in your hometown when you have the whole world at your disposal? Here’s a list of our top favourite cities for digital nomads. This list is comprised of cities based on beauty, cost of living, and even internet speed potential.

Chiang-Mai has 300 temples

1. Chiang-Mai, Thailand

Chiang-Mai is a city in northern Thailand and is known for being a great location for Digital Nomads, as it has a good cost of living, adequate internet speed, and is of course beautiful. The city offers vast jungles for exploration, wonderful temples to visit, and a fun and exciting nightlife waiting to be attended!

Cost of Living: $950/month

Internet Speed: 23 mbps

Abud has a monkey sanctuary, home to 700 Balinese long-tailed monkeys

2.  Abud, Bali

When the term Digital Nomad is brought up, people often have Bali come to mind. Ubud is close to the big city of Canggu, but is completely unique and different, as it has more of a calm and chilled out atmosphere. It offers beautiful views of jungles and mountains, great cafes, and plenty of other Digital Nomads to mingle with. The monthly expense also isn’t too bad and internet speed is pretty good. Keep in mind though, that Abud doesn’t really offer any type of beach and there isn’t much nightlife.

Cost of Living: $1,350 per month

Internet Speed: 18 Mbps

Budapest has Europe's largest spa

3. Budapest, Hungary

This European city of course comes with the European feel, but without the price tag that most others come with. It’s beautiful, rich with history and culture, and as the nickname “City of Baths” suggests, it’s a “hot” spot for hot springs. So, if you don’t mind freezing cold winters and enjoy winding down in a thermal bath, this might just be the city for you!

Cost of Living: $1,460/month

Internet Speed: 40 mbps

There is an entire museum dedicated to Azulejos

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Being one of the more expensive cities on the list should have Lisbon ranking the lowest, but there’s a good reason why it’s in the number 4 spot, the culture! Lisbon is rich with culture and vintage architecture that’s waiting to be seen. Also, if you wish to wind down and go out in the after hours, Lisbon offers a great nightlife. And with a high speed internet potential, it would make a great city for any Digital Nomad!

Cost of Living: $1,908/month

Internet Speed: 33 mbps

The Reunification Express Runs From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

5.  Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

If you can take the heat, you’ll enjoy this city. Saigon has a very low cost of living, making it a great city for young digital nomads! The food is very affordable and there’s a great deal of other nomads, which gives the opportunity for networking. Did I mention the coffee? Saigon people love their coffee, so if you’re a big fan of morning brew, this may be your next home. One main issue Saigon has is the the noise and that it can be a bit chaotic at times.

Cost of Living: $950/month

Internet Speed: 18 mbps

The island has the world’s largest fireworks display for New Years Eve

6. Madeira, Portugal

This small island off the coast of Portugal may be a tad bit pricey, even compared to Lisbon, but if you enjoy your peace and quiet, while also having views on views on views, this should be your next destination. It’s a beautiful island, with many hiking trails, mountains, it’s also home to the tallest sea cliff in all of Europe, and many more other sights and activities.

Cost of Living: $2,145/month

Internet Speed: 30 mbps

Buenos Aires has the highest number of bookshops per person

7. Buenos Aires, Argentina

This Argentinian city is rich in culture, offering a European, Latin, and North American influenced feel. The weather is wonderful, nightlife is very enjoyable, as well as its a big soccer city, so if you’re a fan, you can attend a match on a day off work. The cost of living is great, but the only concern is safety in certain areas.

Cost of Living: $980/month

Internet Speed: 19 mbps

Red Bull was made in Bangkok by Chaleo Yoovidhya

8. Bangkok, Thailand

Due to Chiang-Mai being the top hub for digital nomads, Bangkok gets overlooked on everyones radar. This does not mean that it’s not a superb location to work remotely from. It offers a variety of sights, activities, and perks! The cost of living is great, food is cheap, they have a great transit system, and the night life is a heck of a lot of fun! What’s not to like about Bangkok?

Cost of Living: $1,000/month

Internet Speed: 25 mbps

With Remote work becoming more readily available to employees, now is the time to try it out. So, get out there and start exploring.

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